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Where history meets the modern age

Our hotel was reconstructed in 2004. The house was built on the foundations of a homestead with a centuries-old history, also known as the Polauf's guesthouse. It is just the house which appears in the introductory part of the novel "V ráji šumavském" by Karel Klostermann.


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Hotel location

You can find us above the valley of the Hamerský Brook, 1075 metres above sea level, in Horská Kvilda, the highest village in the Czech Republic. It is the ideal starting point for hiking, cycling or cross-country skiing. The hotel has its own car park available. For more about Horská Kvilda and other current information please read the municipal pages.



Hotel recepcion

Hotel restaurant


From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the hotel restaurant offers self-service meals, the menu consisting of approximately 15 meals any day. Ready meals are available for popular prices from CZK 109 per adult portion. Our own bakery offers a rich menu of fresh coffee desserts and confectionery.

See an example of our daily menu in .pdf format

From 6 to 10 p.m., the restaurant is served with meals made to order.

Download our evening menu of meals made to order in .pdf format

The capacity of the restaurant is 90 seats. In case of a nice weather, we also offer taking meals on an open-air terrace with 70 seats.

• In a previous agreement, we can organize wedding receptions, anniversary celebration, corporate parties, etc.

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